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バサリ地方: バサリ族、フラ族、ベディック族の文化的景観

アジア, 欧州, 中東, アフリカ, 北米, 中南米, オセアニア
文化遺産, 自然遺産, 複合遺産, 危機遺産
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バサリ地方: バサリ族、フラ族、ベディック族の文化的景観
バサリ地方: バサリ族、フラ族、ベディック族の文化的景観
英名: Bassari Country: Bassari, Fula and Bedik Cultural Landscapes
国名: セネガル
緯度: 経度:
分類: 文化遺産
登録基準: (iii)(v)(vi)
登録年: 2012年
バサリ地方: バサリ族、フラ族、ベディック族の文化的景観の動画

Bassari Country: Bassari, and Bedik Cultural Landscapes is situated in the south east of Senegal. It includes three geographic areas: the Bassari ? Sal?mata area, the Bedik ? Bandafassi area and the Fula ? Dind?fello area, each with its specific morphological traits. The Bassaris, Fulas and Bediks peoples settled from the 11th to the 19th centuries and developed specific cultures and habitats symbiotic with their surrounding natural environment. The Bassari landscape is marked by terraces and rice paddies, interspersed with villages, hamlets and archaeological sites. The villages of the Bediks are formed by dense groups of huts with steeped thatched roofs. Their inhabitants’ cultural expressions are characterized by original traits of agro-pastoral, social, ritual and spiritual practices, which represent an original response to environmental constraints and human pressures. The site is a well preserved multicultural landscape housing original and still vibrant local cultures.

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