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[PR]エイビーロード 人気都市へ行く航空券の最安値が一目瞭然


Michelin Green Guide California

Green Guides (Tourist Guides)

Michelin Green Guide California
価格: ¥ 2,103
ペーパーバック: 396ページ
出版社: Michelin Travel Pubns
ISBN-10: 2067181947
ISBN-13: 9782067181946
発売日: 2013-04-16

Stunning drives, world-renowned state and national parks, sun-baked beaches, picturesque villages, desert canyons and iconic cities, made famous in countless movies and TV shows-all this and more are featured in the newly updated Michelin Green Guide California. The guide’s driving and walking tours, recommendations for places to eat and stay, and travel-rich content invite you to venture beyond the familiar backdrops and discover the Golden State’s many sights, attractions and experiences, while Michelin's celebrated star-rating system and maps make sure you see the best of California.



アメリカ合衆国の国旗 アメリカ合衆国 U.S.A
首都: ワシントンD.C.
言語: 英語
時差: 日本時間 -14時間
通貨: ドル US dollar
査証: 90日以内の滞在は不要

Michelin Travel Publications

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