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[PR]エイビーロード 人気都市へ行く航空券の最安値が一目瞭然

Rick Steves Prague & The Czech Republic

Rick Steves Prague & The Czech Republic

Rick Steves Prague & The Czech Republic
著者: Rick Steves
価格: ¥ 1,854
ペーパーバック: 364ページ
出版社: Rick Steves
ISBN-10: 1631216198
ISBN-13: 9781631216190
発売日: 2017-04-04

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Prague and the Czech Republic. With this book, you\'ll create your own unforgettable tour of the Golden City of a Hundred Spires. Walk across Charles Bridge at twilight, stroll the grounds of Prague Castle, and wander through the citys stunning Old Town Square. Venture beyond Prague with day trips to the medieval villages of Bohemia. Visit local vintners in Moravia, where you can enjoy a wine-cellar serenade. Take a dip in the peat-bog spas of Trebon-a great way to relax after a busy day of sightseeing.


チェコの国旗 チェコ Czech
首都: プラハ
言語: チェコ語
時差: 日本時間 -8時間
通貨: チェコ・コルナ Czech Koruna
査証: 90日以内の滞在は不要


ISBN-10: 1631216198




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