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Rick Steves Budapest

Rick Steves Budapest

Rick Steves Budapest
著者: Rick Steves
価格: ¥ 2,022
ペーパーバック: 502ページ
出版社: Rick Steves
ISBN-10: 1631216112
ISBN-13: 9781631216114
発売日: 2017-04-25

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Budapest. Following this books self-guided walks, you\'ll explore Europes most underrated city. Soak with Hungarians in a thermal bath, sample paprika at the Great Market Hall, and take a romantic twilight cruise on the Danube. Wander through the opulence of Budapests late-19th-century Golden Age. View relics of the bygone communist era at Memento Park. For a break, head into the countryside for Habsburg palaces and Hungarian folk villages. Ricks candid, humorous advice will guide you to good-value hotels and restaurants. He\'ll help you plan where to go and what to see, depending on the length of your trip. You\'ll learn which sights are worth your time and money and how to get around like a local. More than just reviews and directions, a Rick Steves guidebook is a tour guide in your pocket.


ハンガリーの国旗 ハンガリー Hungary
首都: ブダペスト
言語: ハンガリー語
時差: 日本時間 -8時間
通貨: フォリント Forint
査証: 3カ月以内の滞在は不要


ISBN-10: 1631216112




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