Travel News

Thailand Alert - Flooding in South Asia
Mexico Alert - Earthquake and Hurricane in Mexico
Antigua and Barbuda Alert - Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean
Bahamas Warning - The Bahamas Travel Warning
Cuba Warning - Cuba Travel Warning
Dominica Warning - Dominican Republic Travel Warning
Vietnam Watch - Dengue in Vietnam
Brazil Watch - Chikungunya in Brazil
Cape Verde Alert - Malaria in Cape Verde
Yemen Watch - Cholera in Yemen
Malaysia Alert - Rabies in Malaysia
North Korea Alert - North Korea Travel Alert
Sri Lanka Watch - Dengue in Sri Lanka
Syria Alert - Polio in Syria
Republic of the Congo Alert - Polio in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Dominica Alert - Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Medical Tourists to the Dominican Rep..
France Watch - Measles in France
Alert - Hurricane and Typhoon Season 2017 Travel Alert
Pakistan Watch - Chickenpox (varicella) in Pakistan
Fiji Watch - Dengue in Fiji
Burundi Watch - Malaria in Burundi
Italy Watch - Measles in Italy
Belgium Watch - Measles in Belgium
Brazil Alert - Yellow Fever in Brazil
United Arab Emirates Alert - Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia
Indonesia Watch - Measles in Indonesia
South Africa Alert - Malaria in South Africa
Peru Alert - Peru Travel Alert
France Alert - French Guiana Travel Alert
Angola Alert - Zika Virus in Angola

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